Sodium chlorite

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Kit Sodium Chlorite 140ml + Activator 140ml (HCl)

Kit consisting of a unit of Sodium Chlorite (140 ML) very low in chlorates (< 0.05%) with its corresponding activator of Hydrochloric Acid (140 ML) of mild concentration (4%). The containers contain ophthalmological droppers to achieve more precise doses and are differentiated by colors, both on the labels and on the seals to avoid confusion. Designed for the use of water purification and disinfection, very effective to combat all types of bacteria, fungi and parasites, among others. For the exclusive use of drinking water and disinfection for human or animal consumption.  
CD production kit


Kit for the production of chlorine dioxide. Contains 750ml glass bottle, 5ml dosing syringe, base for reaction, 3 strips to measure chlorine dioxide concentration and bottles with 140ml of sodium chlorite and its activator.

Kit clorito de sodio 60ml+ activador 60ml

Pack ideal para el viaje, sus 60 ml te permiten llevarlo en el equipaje de mano. Contiene dos productos : Clorito Sódico (60ml) muy bajo en cloratos (<0,05%) y su activador de Ácido Clorhídrico (60ml) de concentración suave (4%). Con este kit podras potabilizar y desinfectar aguas de cualquier tipo de parásitos, hongos, virus o bacterias, entre otros. Ambos envases incluyen etiquetas y precintos de distintos colores para su más instintiva distinción e incluyen goteros para dosis más precisas. Pensado para el consumo animal y/o humano.

Kit Sodium Chlorite 250 ml + Activator 250 ml (HCl)

Ideal pack for savings. Product composed of two items: Sodium Chlorite (250 ML) very low in chlorates (< 0.05%) with its activator equivalent of Hydrochloric Acid (250 ML) of mild concentration (4%). Created in order to purify and disinfect waters of any type of parasites, fungi or bacteria, among others. Both packages include different colored labels and seals for instinctual distinction and include eye droppers for more precise dosing. Designed for animal and / or human consumption.  
Chlorine dioxide test strips

Test strips

50 test strips for chlorine dioxide. Graduated with 10-25-50-100-250-500ppm. Quick measurement, in 10 seconds we will have the result.

Kit Sodium Chlorite 35ml + Activator 35ml (HCl)

Small size kit perfect to be transported with greater comfort. It contains two products: a unit of Sodium Chlorite (35 ML), low in chlorates (< 0.05%), and its pertinent activator of mild concentration (4%) of Hydrochloric Acid (35 ML). The containers are duly differentiated by colors both on their labels and on their seals, as well as including ophthalmological droppers. This product is designed for the purification and disinfection of water, which is why it is very effective in combating bacteria, fungi or even parasites. For human or animal consumption.