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Chlorine dioxide (CDS) 3000ppm of 500 ml

Special product for savings. Aqueous solution of Chlorine Dioxide (500 ML) at 0.2-0.3%, minimum content from factory outlet. Free of any type of excipients, preservatives or stabilizing chemicals. It is not necessary to use an activator. The dark color of the glass of the container protects the product from ultraviolet light in addition to providing a screw cap, usable as a 6 ML meter. Product designed for the purification of water and the elimination of bacteria, fungi, parasites and other agents that may be toxic for human or animal consumption. Used as a powerful biocide and quick remedy for undrinkable water.

Ozone generator

Ozone generator with a production of 24 g / h, timer 60 minutes, with a power of 150w, stainless steel casing and we include a sign of access restricted by ozone treatment as a gift.